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Submitted on
April 2, 2006
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1.1 MB


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Terrestrial by scion2412 Terrestrial by scion2412
Something a little different for spring. Terrestrial includes:

- Transparent window frames
- Transparent taskbar (double size compatible)
- Transparent start panel
- “Ghost” inactive window frames
- Vertical taskbar included
- Compact start panel substyle included
- “Clean Look” transparent drop menus
- “Clean Look” toolbar icons
- Custom Log Off, Shut-down and Please Wait panels
- 9 unique Terrestrial wallpapers included
- Over 40 unique colors


***Copyright Visitor Productions 2002-2006. No modifications may be made to this skin without prior written consent of the author. Modification and/or redistribution of this skin in any form is strictly prohibited. Legal action will result in any/all parts of this skin being used for any and all unauthorized use.***
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-04-05
A truly fantastic Windowblinds theme, Terrestrial by =scion2412 incorporates a fun colour theme, interesting buttons, and nifty transparency effects to bring you a wonderful computing experience! ( Featured by abhimanyughoshal )
DeanKreger Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2007
I love it. xD *uses it*
yourlittleirs Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2007
wowie-wow-wow :b0x0rz: !

if i download this, do i need windowblinds?
kiddn0 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2006
I love it! It's great! :)
yathosho Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2006
i don't use stuff like this, but this must be the best theme i've ever seen.. innovative!
OvejaNegra Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006
:clap: Fabulantastic, dude :clap:

3blue Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006   Writer
Very nice. Different and very creative.
jfl Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006
Hi - scion -,

beautiful skin that I have download from WindowBlinds site two weeks ago.
I have used it a lot and I now see that in the site of WB you do not stay. :airborne:
I am asking me why.
You are one of my preferred authors!
Will you return?
In a different way I hope that you will continue your production in deviantART.

Maurice. :jarkinajar:
AlisterT Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
Ah, I did some looking, and for Trillian I dug up

[url=[link] which (I think) goes decently with this theme. Now for icons and firefox.. fun fun fun

I really am trying to enjoy this skin, as I know its great (just doesn't really go with electronic blue icons and firefox stuff.. :P )
AlisterT Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
Ah, if only you made a trillian skin, firefox skin, and desktop icons to go with this, then I would be able to award you several internets.

This is a nice theme, and I will use it until I decide to revert back to something a little more comfortable (which includes theme-matched desktop icons, and a firefox skin to match). Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing more (and maybe some desktop icons ;)
Ike-Eisenhower Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006   Interface Designer
I absolutely love this WB. I dropped a large comment on it over at wincustomize singing its praises, but either that site's once again having database schisms or it's been removed somehow. In any case, I was encouraging full development of this style to branch out to cover all the other app skin bases, and the one thing I always hope for with any porting is an Opera skin, as nobody ever seems to do it and due to the somewhat limited library of custom skins there ([link]) it's hard to match Opera well with an outstanding WB like this. Someone must have had the same idea about it, though, as very recently an Opera skinner released this:
And if you set the skin to use System Colours (or really even a number of the forced colouring options), they integrate well enough to share a bed.

Just thought I'd pass this tidbit of info along to other Opera users who dig this again excellent WB.
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